Our Executive & Members

20/21 Board of Directors

Ian McGugan, President

Rob Brown, Past President

Adrian Maes, Vice President

Everett Lusk, Vice President

John Murray, Secretary

Steve Catcher, Co-Treasurer

Sheri Marks, Co-Treasurer

President Elect - Vacant


Bob Borden

Tina Clare

Heather Asling

Ralph Trewartha

Dennis Cox

Ted Simmonds

Current Members:


Asselbergs, Toosje

Bonnick, Phil

Chezy, Michael

Cronkrite, Janet

Daley, Bliss

Greenley, Melody

Hardaker, Susanne

Hoeg, Klaus

MacBean, Kevin

Moore, Stan

Strang, Robert

Taylor, Todd

Throop, Glen

Tilson, Dave

Verner, Gregory

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